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Hello, persistent and resourceful crypt hunters. Today we have on review a very interesting utility that will help make cryptocurrency mining even more efficient - Red BIOS Editor or simply RBE. If your Mining- the farm is built from AMD video cards - be sure to use this installation and configuration guide to improve the performance of the equipment.

RBE for dummies

Red BIOS Editor Is a software that is used to configure the parameters of a video card. We are talking about advanced BIOS settings, where you can change timings, power saving, core overclocking and other important characteristics that affect the performance of a video card. RBE is one of the most popular utilities used by miners to improve hardware efficiency.

Download Red BIOS Editor 1.0.8


Polaris Bios Editor

A few words about the most important

When NAVI 21 chips appeared on the market, AMD video cards approached NVIDIA and even surpassed them in some parameters, but even this was not enough for the miners who used AMD video cards. Software developers offer the Power Tools utility, but for some tasks it is not enough (SoftPowerPlayTables may be limited by the built-in video card drivers).

A utility such as Red BIOS Editor allows you to write all MorePowerTool modifications directly into the BIOS for almost all video cards:

  • RX 5700, 5700XT.
  • RX 5600 XT.
  • 6700/6800XT.
  • RX 570/580/590/560/470/480.

Including video cards of the Polaris family. The advantages of the Red BIOS Editor program attract miners and make this utility a “must have” for cryptocurrency miners:

  • RBE supports most video cards.
  • It can adjust the functions of the power supply of the central processor, which is not available for most of these programs.
  • There is a function for configuring the parameters of the fans of the video card cooling system.

What Red BIOS Editor Can Do

  • Display information lines within BIOS file systems.
  • Shows device and vendor ID (extended data).
  • Ability to change information lines of BIOS files.
  • Changing the clock frequency and voltage of the graphics processor core.
  • Changing RAM parameters (frequency and voltage).
  • Displays the complete state of the PowerPlay structure.
  • Display and change four fan controllers.
  • Change the BIOS overdrive signature to ensure the highest overclocking limit.
  • Access to the hidden functions of the CCC panel through the profile editor.
  • The built-in WinFlash interface allows you to flash all BIOS modifications.

The Red BIOS Editor utility gives almost unlimited possibilities for changing the parameters of the video card BIOS, but only experienced users can achieve maximum efficiency and correct operation, and this has its own difficulties.

Это важно!

Before we start, let's explain a very important and quite logical thing. Since utilities of this level are crucial for changing BIOS settings and flashing it, everything that the user does is only his responsibility. Here are a few points that we recommend that you take your utmost care.

  1. All the described processes of the RBE utility are large-scale interventions in the management of the video card and in the software processes of the BIOS. Therefore, changing parameters should only be carried out by experienced users.
  2. The edition and igor'sLAB, which is neither the author nor the commercial distributor, is not responsible for possible consequences or incompatibilities. In addition, igor'sLAB does not provide support for this software.
  3. Prolonged use of RBE components can result in irreparable damage. Since the protective functions are removed during parameter setting (limits are disabled), system components such as the GPU, SOC, memory and voltage converters are at risk of damage.

Based on these regulations, anyone who will use the Red BIOS Editor program, agrees to these conditions immediately after its installation, and also accepts responsibility for everything that happens to its equipment - without claims and complaints.

If this is clear to you, then let's move on.

How to use Red BIOS Editor

We always recommend using only trusted sources for downloading software, especially when it comes to those utilities that allow you to change the BIOS firmware.

  1.  Download the program
  2. Install the program following the standard menus and instructions. Click "NEXT".

Red BIOS Editor install

Before proceeding to the settings of the parameters of the video card, it is strongly RECOMMEND save the current settings so that after unsuccessful changes it will be possible to make a backup. This can be done through the program GPU-Z or by instructions ATIFlash.

Now you need to open the saved BIOS by pressing the "load" button.

Red BIOS Editor load bios

  1. Open the RBE program and go to the "VRAM Timings" tab.
  2. In the "Memory Type" field, select the RAW frequency of your video card.

Red BIOS Editor memory type

  1. You most likely don't know what these numbers mean, so copy the sync string from the lower to the higher.
  2. Save your BIOS changes, but do not change the source code (change only the filename). Save BIOS settings via ATIFlash.

The Red BIOS Editor program is used to automatically find the optimal timings. You can find a list of ready-made solutions on the website TechPowerUp.

Flashing any BIOS on AMD GPUs

Step by step guide here to register:

Open a command prompt as administrator. You will need the following commands:

  • exe -s 0 original-bios.rom is the command to keep the original BIOS version.
  • amdvbflash -unlockrom 0 - unlock ROM before flashing.
  • amdvbflash -p -f 0 biosmod.rom - flashing the modified BIOS.

The number “0” in the command denotes the GPU ID. If there are several of them, then by listing them separated by commas, you can reflash several GPUs at once in one system.

Flash BIOS

Restart your computer and try testing the new values. We attach a video instruction if you missed some points from the explanation above.

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